Study Program: Cheapest Universities in USA

 Study Program: Cheapest Universities in USA

Introduction: One stop education destination for Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. graduates is United States of America(USA).  Students from all over the world have dream to pursue their education in US for its rich education system. As education system demands, cost of education is on higher end in many universities. Having said that, there are also cheapest universities in USA that has decent course fee structure to help students get educated in their dream land. In this article, we will give you the list of cheapest colleges/universities in USA across various streams.

With ever increasing student debt in US, students across the country started to opt for most affordable colleges. You can find the list of affordable colleges in below listed column and choose the best suiting your interest. Also, you can find the list of affordable universities for international students in USA. If you are a local student having travel restrictions, you get cheap online college in USA. The least expensive online college will help you financially, at the same time you can study from your home. You can also get cheap online certificate programs of your interest in various streams.

Financial Aspects

If you are citizen of America and want to pursue your higher studies in state, the cost of tuition fee would be far less when compared to out of state universities. If you feel the universities in state are not on par with your skill set, you can find affordable universities out of state. If you are international student, you will not be eligible to get in state tuition fee unless your university offers you scholarship. While choosing a university, balance between affordability and quality should be properly managed. There are many cases where cheapest colleges in America does not afford good quality of education. You need to hit the right chord while choosing universities that would certainly decide your career path. There are few universities that offer affordable tuition fee but on the contrary end, the cost of living is on higher end.

Here are few tips that needs to considered while choosing a university in terms of affordability:

  1. Tuition Fee (Out of State)
  2. Stationary (Cost of the books)
  3. On-campus Part time opportunity (20 Hours/Week)
  4. State Tax
  5. Hostel Cost per year
  6. Shared House Cost per month(Individual)
  7. Transport facility
  8. Utilities

Cost of living differs depending on the taxes in that particular State. If you take California, New York and Oregon, costs of living is on higher end due to the tax levied in those states. States like Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Michigan, Kentucky have cost of living on lower end. These are few of the key factors that you need to consider while choosing university. For students working on campus, the wage per hour would vary from $7 to $20. During regular classes students can work maximum of 20 hours per week and 40 Hours per week in Break period (Summer Break). Study Abroad program for many international students is a dream that comes up with a price that needs to be handled cautiously.  Below are the List of Universities that has affordable Tuition fee provided by

Cheapest Universities in USA

Cheapest Universities in USA

Cheapest Universities in USA

University of Central Missouri(UCM)

Established in 1871, University of Central Missouri is a Public State University located in Warrensburg, Missouri, USA. The motto of the university is “Learning to a Greater Degree”. The total number of students enrolled are 14,395 out of which Undergraduates are 10,001 and Postgraduates are 4,394. University of Central Missouri(UCM) offers more than 150 Programs of study and 37 Graduate programs ranging from Bachelors to Masters. The university offers study programs in Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Business Administration, Management, Aviation, Criminal Justice, Communication Disorders and Social Work, Military Science and Leadership, Career and Technology Education, Technology, Computer Science and Psychological Science.

In-State Tuition Fee: $7,265

Out-of-State tuition fee: $13,659

Application Deadline for Fall(August): April 1

Application Deadline for Spring(January): October 1

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

UNC Charlotte (University of North Carolina Charlotte) is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. Started in 1946, University of North Carolina(UNCC) is public university spread across 1000 Acres. The university has three campus spread across in Charlotte Research Institute Campus, Center City Campus and University City (Main Campus). The total number of students enrolled are 28,721 out of which 23,284 are under graduates and 5,138 are postgraduates. According to Forbes University Ranking, the university is placed in 488th position. UNCC offers 85 Bachelors programs, 63 Master’s Program and 21 Doctoral Programs.  

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 15,500

Out-of-State Tuition Fee $ 5,000

Application Deadline for Fall(August): March 1

Application Deadline for Spring(January): October 1

Application Deadline for Summer I Semester(May): April 1

Application Deadline for Summer II Semester(July): May 1

University of Illinois, Springfield

Established in 1969, UIS (University of Illinois, Springfield) is Public University located in Springfield, Illinois, United States of America. The total number of students enrolled are 5,431 in which 3,437 are undergraduates and 5,431 are postgraduates. The university offers 27 bachelor’s degree and 20 Master’s degree program. The undergraduate programs offered by University of Illinois, Springfield are Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information & Decision Science, Management and marketing. Postgraduates program provided are Masters of Business Administration(MBA), Management Information System(MIS), Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Business Analytics.

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 11,860

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 5,740

Application Deadline for Fall: March 15

Application Deadline for Spring: November 1

University of Houston, Clearlake

UHCL (University of Houston, Clearlake) is located in Pasadena, Texas, United States spread across 524 Acres. Started in 1927, University of Houston has multiple stand-alone campus located in Clear lake, Downtown and Victoria. The University of Houston, Clearlake(UHCL) is established state university started in 1971. The Total number of students enrolled are 8,628 out of which 5,920 are undergraduates and 2,708 are post-graduates. The university offers study programs in Business, Education, Human Sciences, Humanities and Science and Engineering.

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 21,391

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 9,470

Application Deadline for Fall: February 1

Application Deadline for Spring: September 1

Northwest Missouri State University

Located in Maryville(Missouri), Northwest Missouri State University is public university established in 1905. The number of students enrolled are 6,485 out of which 5,542 undergraduates and 943 postgraduates.  

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 6,525

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 11,526

Application Deadline for Fall(August):  July 1

Application Deadline for Spring(January):  November 15

Application Deadline for Summer(May): April 1

South Dakota State University

Established in 1881, South Dakota State University is public university located in Brookings, South Dakota. Total number of enrolled students are 12,589 out of which 10,844 are undergraduates and 1,745 are postgraduates.  The university offers study programs in Agriculture and biological sciences, Arts and Sciences, Education and Human Sciences, Engineering, Nursing and Pharmacy.

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 11,452

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 20,986

Application Deadline for Fall(August):  April 15

Application Deadline for Spring(January):  October 15

Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University is established in 1918 with a motto “Enter to Learn, Go forth to serve”. The students enrolled in the university are 1,300. The university offers over 75 fields of study and specialization in Business management, teacher education and nursing.

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 6,050

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 8,495

Application Deadline for Fall(August):  July 1

Application Deadline for Spring(January):  November 15

Arkansas State University

A-State (Arkansas State University) is Public university located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Established in 1909, the students enrolled are 14,076 out of which 3,709 are postgraduates. A-State offer study programs in Agriculture and Technology, business, Education, Engineering, Fine arts, Nursing and Mathematics.

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 7,720

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 13,480

Application Deadline for Fall(August):  July 3

Application Deadline for Mid-Spring(March):  January 25

University of Central Arkansas

Established in 1907, University of Central Arkansas is public state university located in Conway, Arkansas. Total students enrolled are 11,487 out of which 9,615 are undergraduates and 1,872 are postgraduates.

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 7,889

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 13,806

Application Deadline for Fall( August):  June 15

Application Deadline for Spring(January):  November 15

Application Deadline for Summer Semester(June): April 15

Northeastern State University

NSU (Northeastern State University) is public university located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States. The university offers 69 undergraduates and 18 graduate degree program. The student-faculty ratio is 26: 1 for 8,548 students (7,418 undergraduates and 1,130 postgraduates).

In-State Tuition Fee: $ 5,285

Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $ 12,635

Open Admission Dates (Spring 2017): June 1 – November 1

Open Admission Dates (Summer 2017): December 1 – April 1

Open Admission Dates (Fall 2017): February 1 – July 1

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