How To Prepare For GRE Exam (Preparation Tips, Practice & Mock Test)

How to prepare for GRE Exam: To achieve a dream requires sheer determination, hard work, patience and belief. One such dream for many would be to pursueMaster’s program. The first and foremost would be to take Graduate Record Examination (GRE) examination in which the candidate is evaluated on quantitative reasoning and vocabulary skills. Universities across many countries consider GRE Score as one of their main criteria in evaluating applicants.

Foremost, we appreciate your decision to think beyond the basic qualification. Hope you are having the reason for pursuing masters. Now, we shall discuss on how to prepare for GRE.

How To Prepare For GRE Exam

How To Prepare For GRE Exam

How To Prepare For GRE Exam

SWOT Analysis would help to know your Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat to kick start Gre preparation.

Take a free online GRE mock test to understand the section you are good at and those places you need to strengthen. This would also give a flavor about GRE exam.


Identify your strengths – The main focus areas in GRE areAnalytical, Quantitative and verbal. Pick your strengths and concentrate on that. Understanding the areas of strength is one of the most important aspects in preparing for GRE. You might think that Quantitative is your strength but not all the times it is true. After taking GRE mock exam, there might be chance to realize that you have forgotten many concepts that were learnt in childhood days. You may have to brush up and hone those skills again. So never take risks in identifying strengths because it’s the primary building block to build

You may have to brush up and hone those skills again. So never take risks in identifying strengths because it’s the primary building block to build foundation for GRE preparation. After getting to know your strengths, focus on it. Many people commit a mistake as they concentrate less on their strengths. By doing this, one might not fare well in both the sections due to lack of preparation or confidence in both the sections attempted.

It is always suggested to prepare on strengths from the day one in order to make sure you don’t lose on your winning advantage. Your strong hold areas are going to propagate for ending upwith decent score which will definitely work in your favor.


By now you would have understoodyour weakness or need more improvement areas. These are the areas that needs to be concentrated more on and requires more effort from your end.

If your weakness lies in verbal section, preparation would vary a lot. Verbal skills are something that has to be learnt from childhood. Onecannot master it within fewmonths. For the sake of GRE, you can pick GRE words list and start learning from it. It doesn’t guarantee you a good verbal score but certainly gives you an edge.

If your weakness lies in Quantitative skills, it means that, you have forgotten fundamentalconcepts and logic associated with that. Here you need to brush up few concepts as GRE exam is to test your understanding of basic mathematical concepts. No rocket science logic will be tested here. The quantitative questions would also test your vocabulary skills.You need to read all the questions carefully before answering.

It doesn’t take much time to strengthen weakness areas if you keep on Practicing. One strong formula that works for GRE is Practice, Practice and Practice. One thing for sure, this will definitely refine yourself more in your fundamentals.


When opportunity knocks the door don’t think too much just grab it. Right here, the opportunity is GRE and you have grabbed the opportunity to make it big. Any opportunity should be taken very seriously and maximum efforts need to be put in – irrespective of the outcome. GRE preparation needs consistent efforts and hard work from your end.GRE opens a gateway to probably a new scale of learning, meeting new people, understanding cross culture and there would be paradigm shift in your thought process.


The final stage of how to prepare for GRE exam is threat. This is probably the most important topic one has to keenly concentrate on. This requires no technical brain to follow for attaining success. If the below list ofthings are not followed it would certainly hamper your chances to a significant portion in getting good GRE score.

  • Belief

It is said that 95% of people die of snake bite because of fear than the poisonous venom which has entered the human body.It is the fear which makes the blood to pump faster and more and make the poison to spread faster across the body. The best thing to do at these times is don’t stress yourself, relax and not panic thereby you are giving yourself extra time to get treated and greater chance of survival. The same implies while you are preparing for GRE. You should believe GRE is for you and that you can achieve at will. Don’t stress out and panic. Focus on key areas and work towards it. The famous dialogue from Batman Begins –

You should believe GRE is for you and that you can achieve at will. Don’t stress out and panic. Focus on key areas and work towards it. The famous dialogue from Batman Begins – “The will is everything. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely. Are you ready to Begin?”Lack of belief is possibly the biggest threat for GRE preparation.

Not all the times can that one stays in positive zone but you need to be rigid at times when you are preparing and relax whenever necessary. Always believe in yourself and give it your best. Remember the above lines and you should be able to accomplish more. Go for it.

  • Gre Study Program

GRE preparation would be hectic if you preparing from scratch. It would definitely require study plan. Normally, it requires 4 to 12 weeks for preparing GRE exam as it completely depends on an individual’s caliber and the schedule at which he/she is preparing. After analyzing your strength and weakness come up with a study plan for each section. Don’t compare with your peers as they might need less or more time for preparation. Concentrate on the things required to be followed. You are your best judge.

  • Time Management

Most of the people mess it up here. Time management plays a crucial role while preparing for GRE. By balancing the act of time management you would get an opportunity to plan properly in the areas you want to concentrate more on and by doing so you will know what you are doing.  This would help in the main GRE exam where few questions are intentionally given which are meant to be time consuming. Do not get stuck on one question for too long. Use your discretion on when to get out of that question and move on to the next one.

  • GRE Practice Mock Test

As the time approaches, you should start taking GRE mock exams. By taking these mock exams you will get a clear idea on the areas that you need to improve on and you can start concentrating more on that. This would also boost your confidence to perform better during the D Day. The more Practice tests that you can take the more you will be faring well in your exams. Your mistakes in those tests are a great learning opportunity. Learn from those mistakes that we commit and don’t repeat them.

Last few words before we sign off–  All the above are just indications on what needs to be done to get into a grove where you can launch yourself to the level where you actually want to be. I know you are going invest a lot of time to prepare for GRE and why not prepare it the right way using a structured approach? Isn’t it?

If you really like or dislike what you find written in this article above – feel free to comment below so that the next generation GRE exam applicants would get benefitted by your comments. Remember knowledge is to share and inspire. That is best gift that you can ever give it to anyone. Great thing is that it doesn’t cost you a penny but still people will thank you. So don’t hold on to your thoughts if you feel that you have something extra which could help other GRE applicants – Please word in your comments below.

This would help you get How to Start GRE preparation. Thanks much for reading and all the best for your exams. Keep yourself motivated and believe in yourself that you can do it. Cheers.


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