F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers [Frequently Asked]

What is F1 Visa?

F1 Visa is a type for non-immigrant VISA that gives foreign student the opportunity to pursue Education in United States of America. Students across the world willing to be a part of American Study program must follow the process of F 1 Student Visa to enter the country.  This is a mandatory process to be followed by student of any stream/course to get F1 student visa. One of the foremost F1 VISA rules are that student can work officially only on campus for only 20 hours per week and 40 Hours Per Week during Summer break. The Student F1 Visa can be revoked, if the individual is caught working off-campus. It is completely illegal for student with F1 Visa status to work off-campus without any proper paper work.

Who can Apply for F1 Visa?

If a student of foreign origin has an admit from any US Accredited University/College, He/She is eligible to apply for USA Student Visa. The student must have acceptance for Full-Time Course i.e. 33 Credits or 36 Credits to apply for F1 Visa.

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F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers


F1 VISA Interview Questions

The final step to pursue education in America is VISA Interview. It is the most exciting step as VISA getting Approved means fulfilling your educational dreams. F1 Visa Interview is a double-edged sword as the chances of getting Visa approved is unpredictable. Visa interview is an interaction between two individual where the first individual is putting his/her reason to pursue education in America, while the other individual is evaluating whether the first individual sole reason is to pursue education or using education as a tool to become a potential immigrant.

As a student, you have to put forth the reason for choosing America and indirectly convince you not a potential threat to the working community in USA especially lobbying their countrymen’s job. Keep this in mind, getting visa is huge thing only for you but for the interviewer you are one of many applicants on that day. So keep it simple, plain and crisp.

Preparation for Visa interview is very helpful to gain confidence but overdoing it is a cause of worry. The interviewer expects that it should be like friendly conversion. Chances of VISA getting rejected are high when the interviewer understands you have answers prepared well in advance. The interviewer finds quite easily if you give standard template answers and faking it would reduce the chances of Visa Approval. So preparing for interview in your style will boost confidence for the big day.

List of areas typically interviewer would be interested to concentrate on:

  1. University
  2. Financials
  3. Family Tie Ups
  4. Future Plans

VISA Interview Questions

  1. Purpose of Visit
  2. Why US?
  3. What is your GRE/GMAT Score?
  4. What is your TOEFL/IELTS Score?

Warm Up! Here, the consular officer would want to know the reason of visit and what made you choose US over other countries. It may seem to be routine set of questions but the real reason for asking these questions are to understand the genuineness of your visit.

F1 Visa Interview Questions about University

  1. Which University?
  2. How many universities did you apply?
  3. How many admits and rejects?
  4. Why did you choose this university upon the other admits?
  5. Why did apply to many universities (5 or more)?
  6. What are the subjects for first semester?
  7. Why change of streams for Masters (If any)?

Keep it Simple! Answers appropriately to avoid confusions. The interviewer wants to know how serious are you in pursuing education in US. Lack of Research about the university and not knowing about the subjects you would be taking in the first semester would send negative vibe to the counsel officer.

Visa Interview Questions about Finances

  1. What is the tuition fee for your first semester?
  2. How is Sponsoring your Education?
  3. What is your Sponsor Occupation? (If Any)
  4. What is your Sponsor monthly income? (If Any)
  5. How will you manage your expenses?
  6. Can you work in Gas Stations, restaurant for more than 20 hours per week?
  7. Can we check your financial Statement, Proof of income to support your education?

Planning! The officer wants to check the sources through which you would be paying your educational and living expenses.

F1 Visa Questions About Family

  1. Are you having any sibling?
  2. If Any, what is your sibling doing?
  3. Do you have any relatives in USA?
  4. Are you married? If so, what is your Spouse doing?

Be Cautious! Here the consular officer would go through your family tie-ups. Questions put would be based on the what you have filled in DS 160 Form. Don’t press panic button by giving different answers that are not in DS 160 form. So, check your DS 160 form while you are preparing for VISA Interview.

Visa Interview Questions regarding Future Plans

  1. What’s your plans after completing your education in US?
  2. How long are you planning to stay in US?
  3. What will you do, if you get job offer from one of the fortune 500 company?
  4. Will your family accept if you plan to marry an American girl?

Tricky! Here the consular officer wants to check whether you are potential immigrant to US. Answer carefully to these set of questions and many a times students fail to convince the interviewer in this section.

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